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About this podcast: This program is for fun-loving intellectual tourists who enjoy actually laughing out loud, self-improvement, professional growth, meaningful relationships, and creating life balance.

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Host, Dr. mOe Anderson, is a speaker, author, dentist, coach, cancer survivor, and bestselling author.

May 19, 2022

There's a problem with loving your neighbor like yourself if you don't love yourself well. Too many of us don't love our bodies, our careers, and our relationships. We are living in a state of endless crisis management. Joy doesn't just come in the morning, you have to plan for its arrival. In this episode, Dr. mOe...

Mar 30, 2022

Jas Takhar is the Founder of the #1 Real Estate sales team in Canada. He and his team have done over $1.6b in sales, closing over 500+ transactions during the pandemic. Jas knows a lot about creating a brand, generating social media content, and becoming an influencer in your industry. In this dynamic podcast episode,...

Mar 7, 2022

Are you going to let other people tell your story? If you haven't written your personal history, that's exactly what will happen according to Linda Jones, the Writing Doula. Jones is a veteran journalist, writing consultant, and grief recovery specialist who provides writing solutions for storytelling, legacy-keeping,...

Feb 22, 2022

Amy Reiley is a five-time author of aphrodisiac cookbooks. She has a Masters of Arts in Gastronomy and is considered a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods. Her book, Eat Cake Naked focuses on how you can use desserts to stir up passion and improve your love life. In 2004 she became the second American to earn a...

Jun 29, 2020

My 31-year-old son got COVID-19 which is the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 aka novel coronavirus. If you think it's a hoax, trust me, it's not. He's one of the most active, healthy eating people I know. I heard DJ Jazzy Jeff and others talk about how debilitated they became so I was afraid for him to be alone. It was one...